Toneelgroep Dapper
Toneelgroep Dapper
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Theatre group ‘Dapper’ is bringing a unique ‘experience installation’: the Kaleidoscope. A rotating mirror cabin with an unimaginable depth effect, literally and figuratively. For one person an enchanting carousel, for another a wonderful time machine. A fascinating panoramic experience. For young and old.

The installation consists of a pivoting, symmetrical cabin, covered with mirrors inside. The four sides of the cabin consist of opening mirror doors that reflect the outside world ‘kaleidoscopically’ as a result of the (slow) rotation. In the initially closed cabin, the visitors (1 to 3) become their own performers and once opened, each environment forms a different setting.Β The kaleidoscopic ‘experience’ lasts a few minutes, but gives the feeling of infinity….

All technology is powered by solar energy and manpower. The Kaleidoscope has been received with great enthusiasm and admiration in various places in the country!

Toneelgroep Dapper

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