Jonas and Friends
Jonas and Friends
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    12.30-13.00 / 14.00-14.30 / 16.00-16.30
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    Het Stalen Ros
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A mechanically driven horse and an actor with a tail; together they form the mobile eye catcher of Jonas & Friends, ‘The steel horse’. This horse mobile is performed with nostalgically designed technology. A reminder of bygone times and inspired by the books of Jules Verne.

Kkrrr…pulley 1 and gear 3 set in motion… The pulleys, wheels and transmissions ensure that everything can be moved and operated. Even the head of the horse goes up and down! Brissssss…huhuhhh…smoke from the nostrils… All kinds of hidden electronic gadgets give ‘the steel horse’ its very own character and especially unique traits. Apart from his breeze and whinnying, he also likes to poop at inconvenient moments…fleeetcchh…

The police officer has a lot to do: alcohol and security checks, traffic control in his own way, a remarkable search warrant and other typical acts of an officer…And the promotion? I’m sure he’ll be able to do that someday…

Stalen ros

‘The steel horse’ in action:

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