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Other Selling Locations

Find out at which locations you can also buy your tickets.

Sale at the box office during the Parade


Single tickets

Afternoon or evening parade 4 to 12 years old €3,50 

Afternoon or evening parade from 13 years old €7,50 

Entrance Parade Festival from 4 years €4,00

Tribune ticket (only available at the tribune) €4,00



Access to the afternoon and evening parade on friday and the Parade Festival on saturday.

Passe-Partout 4 to 12 years old €6,00 

Passe-Partout from 13 years old €13,00


Please note that Passe-Partout tickets are only available in the afternoon at the ticket counters.


Tickets in presale

We sell the All In wristbands, Passe-partout, stand tickets and tickets for the Parade Festival in advance. Do you want to get your hands on these tickets as well? Come to the C.O.V. building at Bonkenhaveweg 28 on Wednesday 7 August and Monday 12 August from 19.30 to 20.30 hrs.


All-in wrist bands

Afternoon and evening parade on friday, Parade Festival on saturday and tent parties.

All-in wrist bands 4 to 17 years €15.00 

All-in wrist bands from 18 years old €20,00



Afternoon  and evening parade on friday and Parade Festival on saturday.

Corso Passe-Partout 4 to 12 years old €6,00 

Corso Passe-Partout from 13 years old €13,00


Tickets are also available at the following presale addresses from 20 July:


– Camping Het Kampererve in Sint Jansklooster

– Coop Hobma at Sint Jansklooster 

– Book and Mix at Vollenhove 


– Supermarket Attent Korthoef in Belt-Schutsloot